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Hand Operated overhead traveling cranes
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Hand Operated overhead traveling cranes

H.O.T Crane is a Hand Operated overhead traveling crane. Overhead traveling cranes are both single girder and double girder and have a capacity ranging from 500 kg to 50,000 kg capacity.

Range of Specifications:

  • Safe Working Load: 500 kgs to 50,000 kgs
  • Span: 3 mtrs to 30 mtrs
  • Height of Lift: As per customer specifications
  • Class of Duty / Standards: M4 as per IS 3177 / IS 807
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Special Cranes

VGOR prides itself on customizing equipment exclusively as per client requirements. Customization is achieved by a mix of standard components and specially designed components.

VGOR also offers custom-engineered hoisting solutions for various industries.

Under-slung Cranes

The next option is the under-slung crane, which runs on the bottom flanges of rolled steel beams which form the crane tracks. These are usually indoor cranes and the crane tracks are suspended from the building structure. They have the advantage of being able to cover part of the building span without obstructing the floor below. Latest in this type are light weight crane systems wherein hollow sections are used as track sections inside which the travel trolley wheels move. These track sections can be used for the long travel tracks and also for the crane bridge.

The under-slung arrangement allows the bridge of this type of crane to be designed with a cantilever at one or both ends.

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